New year, new look on life..

So, 2019 is in the books and I look back on it with bittersweet memories. It was a rough one for me on the health side as I contracted a lung issue in February that lingered into October. I say lingered, but that doesn't do it justice. When it first hit me it seemed more like a flu thing that manifested into a pneumonia thing, but that to doesn't do it justice. I battled it with steroids for several months mixed with hospitalization, then antibiotics with hospitalization, the steroids and a nebulizers, inhalers, etc. Then the 'Incident'... I had trouble breathing and drove myself to the ER, not smart. By the time I got there I swear on my mother's grave I had no air left, none. They pulled me behind the reception desk and strapped on the oxygen and got me breathing again, but back in the hospital for a week... Flash forward several month's and they ultimately diagnosed it as B.O.O.P.! You'll have to look it up.

Anyway, that's in the past, feeling good now, but it really put a damper on my love of photography. Now that I'm feeling more myself I've really tried to make my photography more meaningful, nt just for me, but for you as well. I know there's a ton of options out there, but my goal is to raise the bar so that you don't look elsewhere . I'm so looking forward to 2020 and to bringing you the best I have to offer!

Stay tuned...

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